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Aqua Marina Pioneer OP Sail Boat Segelboot Schlauchboot 2.77m

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Aqua Marina Pioneer is an inflatable rubber boat with the ability... mehr

Aqua Marina Pioneer is an inflatable rubber boat with the ability to mount an included 3,8m2 sail. Looking for a rubber boat with several options, the Aqua Marina Pioneer is definitely a good choice for you. With the sling you get a whole new way to explore on! Rubber boat is very stable, and is designed in the best materials, which guarantee a good quality.

Inflatable Sailing Dinghy-A new way of exploring the sailing boat.

Not only allowsfamilies or first time sailors to experience the joys of sailing, but also letsexpert sailors to test their limits.

Key Features

  • Stable and smart design: Features a multi-purpose sailing dinghy. The classic boat shape and aluminum deck

    provide excellent stability.

  • Performance: Allows for maximumacceleration to reach speed in 3 to 4 force winds depending on carried load.

  • Transport and storage: the Pioneer inflatable sailing dinghy can be assembled or packed down into three bags in

    less than 20 minutes.

  • V-shape keel hull design makes the dinghy rigid and stable when inflated.

  • Marine grade reinforced PVC fabric

  • Oarlock design, tow and lift eyes included.

  • Long saber-shaped center thwart/daggerboard, makes the boat behave like a traditional dinghy, but also gives excellent

    upwind and downwind sailing ability.

  • Kick-up Rudder: Made of aluminum, foldable,durable and quality.


Boat Specs


9’1” x 4’11”


277 x 150



Net Weight

112lbs (51kg)

No. of Air Chamber


Max. Passenger


Max. Payload


Outboard engine




Sail Specs

Mast Length


Aluminum material, 4 pieces

Boom Length


Aluminum and fiberglass, 2 pieces

Sail Area

42ft2 (3.8m2)

Sail including 3 battens

Sail kit Accessories

Mast step holder, blocks and line, sail kit bag


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